1. How to connect my device do the portal?
    You can find step-by-step help in the product manual for each one unit from HW group.

    Shortly fill the address “www.sensdesk.de/portal.php”, your ”user name” and  “PUSH device password“ (you can find it in the „My Acount tab“. After that  enable the Portal function and connect the device to the internet.


  1. How many sensors and devices can I have connected to one user account?
    Each user account is limited to the purchased licences.
  2. How long time of historical data are stored in the SensDesk.de online portal?
    SensDesk portal keeps 1 year history only. If you need connect more, contact you distributor with question to “SensDesk Concentrator”.


  1. Can I buy paid version of the SensDesk.de portal to have more device connected or longer history?
     If you want use more devices contact you our support..


  1. I do not have your sensor device. Can I test your portal somehow?
    Yes, there is demo account available. Login to the portal as “demo” and “demo”.


  1. How to show current sensor values on my mobile phone App?
    There is our Application “SensDesk mobile” for iOS and Android available.


  1. How to connect “SensDesk Mobile” App with my account?
    Install the App and fill your ”user name” and  “PUSH device password“ (you can find it in the „My Acount tab“.


  1. Can I test “SensDesk Mobile” App with the your demo account?
    Yes, use “demo” as username and “demo” as “Push password”.
  2. How switch temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees?
    Go to the device settings and change parameter “Display temperature in” to Fahrenheit [°]. Verify the device showing values in °F.
    As second step go to the SensDesk portal interface. The sensor value will be in Fahrenheits, but shown units and limits stay in Celsius. Delete the temperature sensor and wait up to 15 minutes, until device will push data again to the SensDesk portal. Sensor will appear again with Fahrenheits [°]. Modify the limits and issue solved.
  3. How to remove not used sensor?
    You can disable each sensor in the Edit menu, but it’ll be still visible. Second option is to delete the sensor. It can be reloaded later by deleting and adding the device again.


  1. Can I control relay outputs from the SensDesk?
     Yes, you can If you need control relay outputs, and you need help, contact you distributor with question to control relay outputs.